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Last Updated: 15 March, 2021


At Appruve security is essential to everything we do. We put in a lot of effort to ensure we protect users personal information that we . Our technical and compliance teams have set processes and frameworks designed to protect ALL user information. If you have specific questions, contact us at

Access controls

Appruve uses controls information access using a least privilege system allowing only authorised users access the platform based on their roles

All Appruve access controls are utilizes NIST SP 800 access control principles.


To enforce roles, we integrate tools that use the latest OpenID Connect (OIDC) standards. The infrastructure is designed to be strict in enforcing permission and access control policies.

User authentication for data exchanges, sessions and request on the platform uses a token-based authentication system based on SSL/TLS protocols. We grant limited access to our APIS based on OAUTH2 tokens. All data request are encrypted using https standards.

For more on privacy and data use, see our privacy page.

Bug Report

If you think that you have found a security issue, please submit a bug report to us at We would get in touch and know that take all reports seriously. Please do not publicly disclose the issue until we've addressed it after which we would inform you.