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What Appruve Agency Does

Document Analysis

With negative actors continuously getting creative with tools such as photoshop to forge documents, it’s important to set up systems that can detect forged documents, which is usually undetectable by the human eye. Appruve’s document analysis capabilities can detect tampers to various security features of documents.

Appruve can help financial institutions detect:

  • Template tampering
  • Microtext print
  • UV Hologram
  • MRZ detection
  • Ghost image

Liveness Check

Appruve’s liveness check capabilities combine advanced fraud defense techniques including motion tracking, lip-sync and texture analysis to verify that the user is physically present. We offer multiple combinations of randomized actions, so fraudsters can’t cheat the system with pre-recorded videos.

Face Matching

At Appruve, we take a new approach to identity—combining a person’s ID with their physical biometrics(face). Hundreds of our customers have added biometric verification to their document verification, with definitive results.

Bill format verification

Clients that collect electricity or water bills as part of their onboarding process ,painfully have to evaluate the validity of such documents. Appruve agency makes it easier ,by using machine learning to analyze the bill and presenting a confidence report.

Address Verification

Appruve is connected to various addressing databases that allows you to verify addresses of both individuals and businesses.

What is the process?

See how Appruve Agency Works


  • Using the Appruve APIs or SDKs
  • Get an API key or token and begin
  • Channels Supported
  • Mobile App
  • Web platform
  • Web platform
  • Custom device deployment


  • You can now verify your users in real time
  • This process is completed 3 simple steps
  • Steps
  • 1. User uploads their ID
  • 2. A picture of the user is submitted
  • 3. Verification process begins


  • The technology powering Agency kicks in
  • These can be used together or separately for your needs
  • Background technologies
  • Document Authenticity check
  • Facematching and liveness
  • Barcode and MRZ scans
  • UV and Ghost Image check
  • OCR and template matching


  • Fraudulent onboarding is reject and real customers can now enjoy services.
More channels to use

Ways to Integrate

API Endpoints
Build on your terms with our APIs
Mobile Apps
Verify users on the go with our SDKs.
Use our cloud apps as a no code solution
Across the continent


Appruve Agency

Appruve Agency can be deployed across over 30 African countries and covers over all document types across Africa..

What Appruve Agency does for you

Fast, Secure Onboarding

Manual verifications are time consuming. They cost your business money. Agency lets you scale your digital offerings whiles you dont need to worry about scammers trying to fake identities.

Save Time

Your customer does not need to wait 2 working days for you to verify them. Verify them instantly.

Give your new and old customers a better experience in accessing your service.

Scale Fast

You want your service to grow? Yes!. The real question is, can your team handle 1,000 customer verifications per day manually?

With digital KYC options provided by Appruve agency, you can scale your product to any segment market without trouble.

Save Money

It cost you more to deploy human teams to do verifications than to deploy technology.

Appruve agency is cheaper per verification than a human doing the same task.

Security from scams

Using a document verification technologies, we detect fraud that beats even keen human eyes.

Scammers use other's people IDs to spoof your systems. Appruve Agency eliminates that.

Learn how to Integrate Appruve Agency

See Appruve APIs live in action

Integrating the API

This video gives you a live walkthrough of Appruve API integration to enable you begin verifying with Appruve Agency

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